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Ross Reekie

Ross is a renowned speaker and expert on the topic of meaningful work. With years of experience in the field, Ross has developed a simple model for understanding how meaningful work is created and measured, based on the thousands of years of philosophy and academic literature on the subject.

In Ross’s talks, audiences can expect real-life case studies of people who
have made work meaningful and awesome, as well as practical toolkits
for leaders looking to create meaningful work environments. Ross’s
engaging and playful approach involves “live experiments,” lego
building, chocolates, live polls, moving people around, getting people
on their feet, and building things to create a fun and inclusive

With a passion for connecting with audiences, Ross
disarms and engages them with humour, energy, and warmth from the start. By using the “Bubbles of Meaning Framework” and personal research, Ross provides insights grounded in academic science while bringing the concepts to life with stories of real people.

Ross is always learning from audiences and adapting talks to address their real-life challenges. Known for being a “RockStar” on stage, Ross’s energy, passion, and ability to read people have had a positive impact on
countless audiences.