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Ross Reekie

Hi, I’m Ross. I’m a meaningful work expert and explorer with a mission to bring new perspective and possibilities to our relationships with work. 

I speak on the topics of finding meaning, joy, purpose, and fun in work. I LOVE helping teams who are stuck, open up a conversation about their work, find new connection, and meaning. I love to help you to make your work more awesome. 

Through my academic study and research, I have developed a simple model for understanding how our work becomes meaningful. (click here to see a TEDx talk about it) and I’ve researched how our relationships have changed through Covid-19 (click here). Through my consulting experience I have helped many organsiations and leaders to improve the big picture and everyday work lives of their teams (click here to see a testimonial / case study). 

I learned the most about work from my own real-life experience of a work-crisis-led burnout. My recovery path has taken me to Vienna, where I reclaimed my sense of self, my sense of purpose, and changed my work habits by doing a series of fun jobs. (click here to see my fun jobs project). 

I bring all of these experiences and knowledge together with my signature warm, playful, reflective, and fun style to deliver Keynote talks, workshops, and team coaching that make a lasting impact on you and your team.