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Meaningful work Story-teller, Researcher, Consultant

meaningful work

what does it mean?

Meaningful work is the difference between life and death. Wow! That sounds extreme but it’s exactly how many of my research interviewees described the difference between “struggling with the waste of my life” and finding meaning in her work: “I feel so lucky to wake up every day excited about doing work that I love”.

I passionately believe work can be meaningful for everyone and I’m on a mission to make it happen. Because, when our work is awesome, everyone benefits:

I help people to find meaning at work through:

keynotes & workshops

insights and inspiration


real-life practical insights

inspiring stories

people sharing their story of finding meaning at work


create meaningful work in your organization


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Ross Reekie

Speaker & Founder of Rise

Hi, I’m Ross. I help Organisations, Leaders, and Individuals like you find meaning in work. I’m a Keynote Speaker, Researcher, and Consultant in meaningful work.

I am passionately curious about people and their stories. In my consulting work and research I’ve interviewed thousands of people from Interns to CEO’s about how they find meaning and make work, work for them. I find my own meaning and purpose by sharing those stories and insights to inspire and enable others.

I believe that a curious and playful outlook is the best way to explore meaning at work and I bring that to everything that I do. I love to find fun ways to bring stories, concepts, and insights to life. Audiences regularly describe me as warm, funny (haha funny), insightful, refreshing, and kind.

I’m a regular subject matter expert and commentator in the media including FM4, the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Business Insider, and many more. My keynote speaking, workshop, events have included two TEDx talks (Glasgow and Mebourne), many blue-chip international companies such as Mirvac, Lloyds, Watpac, and government organisations such as the European Data Protection Board, the Australian government, and Sydney

I am also the Founder of Rise, Australia’s first consultancy focused exclusively on creating meaningful work.

keynotes & workshops

I love to inspire and enable audiences to make their work more meaningful. Watch me in action here.


Be inspired by my Meaning of Work-stories!

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FM4 radio series

Future of Work

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podcast series

Meaning of Work. Season 1

Season 2 coming soon


Rise Consulting helps organisations, leaders and individuals find meaning in work. Learn how to re-energise your organisation around purpose, find a more meaningful career path, or change the way you think about your work. We can help you make sense of your work experiences, inspire you to make a difference, and awaken a new sense of meaning in what you do.

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