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How to lead with meaning

When work is meaningful everybody benefits. So why don’t we just make it happen? This keynote equips your leaders and teams with science-based knowledge, practical tools, confidence, and inspiration to make work more meaningful in your organization.

The science is clear. When work is meaningful we wake happier to go to work, we have more energy, we’re more creative, more productive, we have more impact on our communities, and it just feels, awesome! With so many benefits for individual workers, teams, organizations, and society why don’t we just make it happen? Well, the science and practice have all been messy, complicated, and lacking a simple, overarching framework, until now!

This keynote is for Leaders and Teams who want to know exactly how to make work feel more awesome. We will offer an easy-to-understand overview, grounded in real-life stories, of the latest science, philosophy, and practical tools to help you make work more meaningful. This is all delivered in a fun, encouraging, interactive, and encouraging way.

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  • What exactly meaningful work is and why it is important
  • What it looks and feels like when we have it/don’t have it
  • The 7 key elements that make work meaningful
  • How you have accidentally been destroying meaning for your team 
  • The link between meaningful work and workplace well-being
  • A new connection to what work means to you and your team
  • A powerful and simple framework for understanding meaningful work
  • A toolkit for starting conversations with your teams about making work meaningful
  • Inspiration from real-life stories and your own personal revelations
  • Confidence to make work more meaningful for you and your team

How to (re)create belonging & connection

Sometimes work is just work. We turn up, we do our jobs, we get paid, a means to an end. But it can be more than that, it can feel more like “home”, where our colleagues and bosses have our back and support each other like a family. This talk is for leaders and teams who want to create a deeper sense of belonging, and “home” at work.

When we think about “ home”, it’s more than a house. It’s a place where we can feel safe, included, supported, free to be ourselves. When we feel safe and supported, we are liberated to bring our best selves to work. We are more willing to speak up, to put our ideas forward, to try something new, and to innovate. This is a very interactive talk that explores the science, philosophy, and practical steps for creating a sense of “home” at work. This topic is delivered with care, warmth, humour, playfulness and encouragement to model a feeling of inclusion.

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  • The science of belonging & connection and how it impacts your organization
  • Exactly what it feels like to have a sense of belonging at work
  • A new paradigm for seeing belonging, diversity, inclusion…and home
  • The role of the team member and the leader in creating belonging
  • So many insights from the ancient and modern science & philosophy of human connection
  • This talk will change how you view your relationship with your work and your colleagues
  • Clarity about your role and practical tips for creating a sense of belonging, safety, and  home for others
  • A sense of confidence, inspiration, and practical action-plan about bringing your best self to work
  • A co-created action plan for starting to make your workplace feel more like “home”

How to let go of fear

Fear is our biggest human and organizational inhibitor. It keeps us safe from dangers, but it also keeps us in our comfort zones, from making changes, and from reaching our potential. This talk is for leaders, teams, and organizations that want to know how to let go of fear and take a giant leap together.

Every meaningful thing that we’ve ever done and will ever do in our lives involves overcoming fear. Whether it’s approaching our dream love partner or tackling a big audacious work goal, our human fear instinct is there to get in the way.  100% of change projects, daring to be innovative, or simply speaking up and putting our ideas forward all involve facing and overcoming the hurdle of fear.

This talk is for leaders, teams, and organisations who want to learn how to overcome fear together and take a giant leap toward their potential.

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  • The science of how fear holds us back
  • Insights from the great philosophers in taking leaps of faith
  • A science/philosophy-based approach to jumping off the metaphorical cliff edge
  • What happens to our brains when we’re faced with fear and how to overcome it
  • Inspiration from real-life stories to take your own leap of faith
  • Confidence that you’ll be able to cope with any of the obstacles that come up
  • A practical tool-kit for working through fears
  • A light sense of relief that some of your fears about change have been taken off your shoulders already

Ross Reekie

Hi, I’m Ross. I help Organisations, Leaders, and Individuals like you find meaning in work. I’m a Keynote Speaker, Researcher, and Consultant in meaningful work.

I am passionately curious about people and their stories. In my consulting work and research I’ve interviewed thousands of people from Interns to CEO’s about how they find meaning and make work, work for them. I find my own meaning and purpose by sharing those stories and insights to inspire and enable others.

I believe that a curious and playful outlook is the best way to explore meaning at work and I bring that to everything that I do. I love to find fun ways to bring stories, concepts, and insights to life. Audiences regularly describe me as warm, funny (haha funny), insightful, refreshing, and kind.

I’m a regular subject matter expert and commentator in the media including FM4, the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Business Insider, and many more. My keynote speaking, workshop, events have included two TEDx talks (Glasgow and Mebourne), many blue-chip international companies such as Mirvac, Lloyds, Watpac, and government organisations such as the European Data Protection Board, the Australian government, and Sydney

I am also the Founder of Rise, Australia’s first consultancy focused exclusively on creating meaningful work.

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Meaningful Work

“It’s just so much easier and WAY MORE FUN to lead a bunch of people who are excited about a big audacious purpose” Evan, Young Fintech Entrepreneur of the year

When work is awesome it feels great and everybody benefits. We have more energy, we feel more alive, we’re more creative, we’re way more productive, and we have more impact on our community. There are so many benefits, so why don’t we just make it happen? The science of meaningful work has always been complicated…until now!

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Make Your Work Awesome

Make Your Work Awesome

The science of meaningful work has always been complicated, until now! I’ll guide you through the complex science to find meaning at work.Read More »
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Work with Purpose

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Podcast Series

In this Podcast series I talk to a range of people who have all changed their jobs in various different ways to increase their workplace meaning, let them inspire you too!

FM4 Radio Series

I recently recorded and produced a 5-part mini-series asking the big questions affecting the future of work. It was based on the insights of my global research project about how Corona changed our relationships with work. Listen below, as I explore how we can all make the future of work a little bit more awesome.

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