Simon the Human Sound Guy

Don’t worry, be happy! This episode is perfect if you are looking for a greater purpose in your work.

Title: S01 E02 – Simon the Human Sound Guy

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a rock star? Perhaps you imagined stepping out onto a stage and playing in front of thousands of adoring fans! For Simon, the reality of being in a successful rock band didn’t quite live up to the dream. In fact it got kind of boring and eventually became unfulfilling. Simon shares his story about how he transitioned from rock star to founding a social enterprise to help build communities around the globe through group song making. In this episode we cover a range of topics including how to transform your work life from centred on self to centred on others, how to handle the uncertainties of a career transition, how to help yourself before you help others, improvisation, circle singing, and how to connect with people who inspire you.

S01 E08 – Pete the Intern

Pete’s story is ideal if you’re starting your career and don’t know how to get a good job, or if you’re already experienced but don’t know how to transition to something new. It’s also a great listen if you need to be inspired about resilience, determination, and the best ways to cook potatoes on a budget.

S01 E07 – Evan the Young Entrepreneur

Evan’s story is perfect if you are trying to work out which path to take in life, you’re thinking about founding a tech startup but you’re worried about taking risks, or you just need an intravenous injection of pure enthusiasm (literally, nothing seems impossible when speaking with Evan!).

S01 E06 – Nick the Pizza Guy

This episode is about searching for your passion, following your gut (literally), and trusting yourself to find a way to make it all work out. It’s perfect for you if you feel lost in your career, afraid of chasing your passions, or if you just love pizza! Warning: this episode contains a lot of pizza puns, and they are all...cheesy!

S01 E05 – Ric the Born again Millennial

This episode is perfect if you have almost lost all hope that work can be fulfilling. This is also a story about finding your confidence again. If you are in the wrong industry, environment, or job, this story will inspire you to find your true home.

S01 E04 – Jessica the Fisherwoman

This episode is perfect for you if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by challenges in your job, or having your resilience tested. It’s also perfect if you are struggling with your goals and need to refocus on achievement.

S01 E03 – Jodi the Artist

This episode is perfect for people who know what their passion is, but think it’s impossible to achieve. And for those who feel trapped in their current job and don’t know what to do to get out of it. It’s also for anyone in any job who needs some inspiration to conquer a fear.

S01 E01 – Nicola the Swim Coach

This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with career anxiety and stress, and giving yourself permission to explore different career paths without fear.

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