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From artists to airline pilots, interns to entrepreneurs, and swim coaches to deep sea fisherwomen, meet ordinary people who have all done something extraordinary – they found meaning and happiness in their work. Discover how and be inspired to find your own work happiness.

How to stay true to yourself at work

Be more authentic at work through regular check-ins   Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, I spoke to my travel agent, Alison (* not her real name). Unsurprisingly, she was worried about her job given there wasn’t much demand for travel in a locked-down world. But, even accounting for this she seemed extremely anxious and down-beat. Far

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A story of purpose

During the Covid lockdowns I designed and conducted a research project  to investigate how the pandemic was changing our relationships with work. You can click on the blue highlighted word or the link at the bottom to read the insights paper but if you want a one-line synopsis it’s this: Covid did change our relationship

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